Statement of Defense Industry Ethical Standards


Pendleaf Affiliate Member Companies are asked to adhere to the highest ethical standards. Because of who we are and what we do, it is our duty to place the greater good of the nation above our business interests, and to behave in honorable way, demonstrating respect for key principles that include honesty, fairness, equality, dignity, diversity, individual rights and the rule of law.

Pendleaf Corporation seeks to place the defense industry at the forefront of business ethics in America. At a minimum, Pendleaf members must adhere to applicable laws and regulations governing the conduct of their business. Moreover, entrusted to our care are the lives of men and women of the Armed Forces, who willingly bear the ultimate risk for their country and their fellow citizens. We believe the ethical mandate we share as an industry is a higher imperative than our individual business interests. This statement of ethics is intended to capture that mandate by setting forth common ethical principles and emphasizing specific practices that Pendleaf members may use to put those principles into action. 


Pendleaf Corporation shall serve in a leadership role in setting high ethical standards and practices for the industry. Pendleaf will communicate to the public and government officials the efforts of industry to assure understanding of and adherence to these principles.

J.S. Allen

CEO, Pendleaf Corp.